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Very professional! I highly recommend Prinz and Brozik PLLC. If you need help, come see Prinz and Brozik PLLC.

This firm is undoubtedly the best in Whitman County. They will try their hardest to do what they can to resolve your legal issues quick and will leave you feeling very satisfied with their work.

Jenna Brozik is a truly compassionate, honest and an excellent attorney in spite of those qualities.

Jenna and Paul have been helping me through the trials and tribulations that come with divorce and custody. Great people and attorneys!

Jenna did a great job representing me. She explained things thoroughly and was genuinely looking after my best interest. I highly recommend her.

I strongly recommend you go to Jenna Brozik if you need an attorney. She is very well oriented and knows what she is doing. She is lovely, passionate, and caring individual that love to work with her clients very closely to get the best outcome. Every time i see her exceeds my expectations on how efficient, fast, and professional she is in her services. I have a special appreciation for Jenna by working very hard in my case. She is very honest and loyal to her clients! Words really are not enough to describe Jenna! Would highly recommend her. Thank you for all your help and cooperation again!!

Jenna Brozik has been a tremendous help for us over the years. Both my wife and I have used her services on several occasions. She is very complete in her work. Jenna has a tremendous grasp on the law, in our case family law.

I have used Jenna for a couple years now. She has been very good in working with me and my children to help us out. My ex has been an extremely aggressive person towards me and Jenna.

Even so, Jenna has been successful in having my ex in contempt on multiple occasions. Jenna has been very fair with payments and her front desk, Linda, is a super sweet lady.

Jenna and her team were really helpful to me when I needed it and are available anytime I need legal advice. I really appreciate their attention to detail!

My husband and I have been using Jenna for the past two years dealing with his ex-wife. She has gone above and beyond what a lawyer should have to do to help us out. We have had many court sessions where Jenna has won in our favor and was very professional. Even as far as payment options she has been wonderful at working with us while still helping us out. I recommend Jenna to everyone who talks to me about considering a lawyer.

I highly recommend Jenna Brozik. Jenna was our family attorney in the adoption of our sons. Out of all the local lawyers, Jenna was highly recommended as first choice from case workers and other professionals involved with family court. We were bystanders in our sons' case, feeling overwhelmed and helpless. But Jenna gave us a voice in court when we feared we would have none. In a case that involved many parties, it had the potential to be confusing and highly emotional. Jenna was clear-headed, assertive and thorough as she represented us. With a total of 6 other parties and lawyers involved in this case, Jenna Brozik rose to the top as one of the most professional, prepared and excellent lawyers in the court room. She fought for our sons and helped us become a family. We highly recommend her!

Jenna worked my case of family property dispute. I liked her immediately and was able to communicate with her easily. She was professional as well as personable. She has integrity and gives you honest solid advice. Her staff was great and very efficient always professional and polite made it comfortable to speak with. Jenna does her homework and more she is a real go getter, a Pitbull with a bite I would recommend her if you’re looking for a lawyer or legal advice, give her office a call. I’m sure glad I did !!!!###

Jenna is our lawyer and always will be. Me and my wife Tami had the worst thing happen ever, the state of Washington decided that we could not adopt our grandson! Jenna Brovik fought for our adoption, she went to multiple hearings and court proceedings with only one thing in her heart and that was to get our grandson back and adopted by his family. When the judge ruled against the state and for us at the adoption proceedings Jenna cried along with us, she is a special person.

Jenna and her staff provided excellent service, professionalism and personal attention to all details to our estate planning. The whole experience was smooth. We had a positive experience with Jenna and we will highly recommend her to our friends and family.

I have used Jenna Brozik as my attorney in obtaining guardianship over both my special needs daughters as they turned 18. Ms. Brozik was knowledgeable, thorough, and considerate both times. I highly recommend Prinz & Brozik.

I had Jenna help me with the guardianship of my daughter. Moving to Pullman WA from another state was stressful enough without having to deal with the guardianship requirements of the new state. Jenna took care of everything for me so I was able to unpack and get everything settled with our new home. I highly recommend her. She is both friendly and professional and helped me so didn’t have to worry about a thing.

This is the best attorney in my opinion. If you want the best lawyers working on your case, this is the place. Jenna Brozik provides professional advices on case. She is very knowledgeable and experienced in the field. From the first conversation, she correctly predicted what to anticipate in my case. Her expertise gave me confidence to continue with the firm, immediately after I talked with her. She is very supportive and handles the procedure smoothly. She impressed me not only with the professionalism, but also with the art of communication as an outstanding attorney.

This firm is a good professional team with outstanding leadership and talented professionals. I wish that I came to Jenna Brozik firm earlier for professional assistance. That could have saved tons of sleepless nights and headache. I am glad I did when I was referred by a friend year ago.

Jenna was absolutely amazing. She cares about the people she works with. She was easy to communicate with and was so knowledgeable I didn't have a need to worry. If need ever arose again, I know I would be calling her.

Jenna Brozik has been our attorney since 2015. She successfully represented us in two child support / post-secondary cases and one case where the ex-wife refused to share family photos, claiming they were missing. We watched her stand up to three different lawyers in front of Judge Frasier and Judge Libey and she won every case! She's very confident and knows case law very well. Our last case, she had to respond to the opposing lawyer's last minute 20-page declaration received at 4pm the day before court hearing. She worked on it all evening and early morning, communicating with us and successfully submitting our declaration on-time. Her prices are very affordable! Jenna was recommended to us by a single mom who had difficulties with her ex-husband and child custody. She won that case and has a very good reputation in this area. We are also proud that she represented us all three times, whereas the opposing party hired a different lawyer each time. Jenna takes care of her clients and is time efficient. She will be our lawyer for life!

Jenna was able to take a complicated international divorce and make the paperwork simple and uncomplicated for me, she managed to make it affordable by working many hours on her own time. I thought i would never be able to get this done and now because of her help I can move on with the divorce I needed. I highly recommend her services, she is not only very good at her job but also easy to communicate with and is genuinely interested in helping her clients out.

Jenna and her team were really helpful to me when I needed it and are available anytime I need legal advice. I really appreciate their attention to detail!

Jenna helped me resolve an issue from my divorce decree regarding real estate. She was very helpful, knowledgeable, fast acting, and successful. Her way of thinking is not dramatic or vindictive and is very common sense. I felt that she had my interest at heart and wanted the best outcome for me. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jenna. She has a clear understanding of the law and courts, and brought me a very successful outcome. I couldn't be more thankful.

I endorse this lawyer. Jenna is smart, accomplished and works hard for her clients.

Jenna is a wonderful attorney who has an eye for details and a basic desire to aid those in her community in need.